Laser Tag-- The Reward for the Summer Hydration Champions

On Friday September 26th, H2knO brought the Epiphany sixth grade class to Laser Quest. This was the reward trip for the Summer Hydration Champions. The sixth grade demonstrated their willingness to learn more about water and its role in the world, showing a 46% increase in hydration knowledge over the four week span.

Excitement filled the air all week as the sixth graders formulated their teams and strategies for the big game. When we saw that the students were drinking water after each intense Lasertag match, we knew they were taking their hydration, and thus their health, into their own hands.

As we arrived back at the school after a few Lasertag matches, the other students were curious as to how much fun it was. The Summer Hydration Champions filled them in on the excitement and as a result the other students were more determined than ever to succeed in our program. H2knO is looking forward to find out who the next batch of Hydration Champions will be and cannot wait to help everyone succeed in forming healthy habits for years to come.

Great job everyone! We’re excited to see who will be joining us next time!