H2knO at CGI U: Better Hydration, Better Health

H 2 knO was accepted to the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) program held March 20-23 in Arizona State University. The program event is organized by the Clinton Global Foundation and the atendees had the opportunity to participate and learn from a community of social impact avdocates including panelists from the public and private sectors.

H2knO participated with their commitmant to action: "Better Hydration, Better Health". H2knO pledged to promote hydration in schools and businesses through our interactive incentives program.


We are proud to say that we are currently working with our first school in Boston, MA and are eager to start our program with our first business this summer in Mexico City.

H2knO appreciates the opportunity Babson College provided them to participate on this event. It was hubling and encouraging to meet students countries around the globe that are commited into making this world a better place.