The Beginning: “Better Hydration, Better Health” Epiphany School Pilot

On March 19th, H2knO began operations with the Epiphany School’s 8th grade. The program promotes healthy drinking habits through the use of a reusable water bottle.

After an interactive presentation on the benefits of drinking water and the company’s inspiration, each student received a reusable water bottle kindly donated by Marathon Sports.

To form a baseline understanding of the student’s knowledge, we conducted a hydration awareness survey, which reiterated the need for this education. Students were surprised about how important water is and how little they knew about the subject. The students scored 35% on the survey; however, they are quickly learning more.

In the program, the 8th grade is split into four teams which compete for fun incentives (such as field trips to Dave & Buster’s, the movies, etc.) Students are evaluated based on select criteria.

We are very excited to be working with the Epiphany School to ensure the next generation’s health.