Epiphany School Graduation

On Saturday June 14th, the Epiphany School community came together to celebrate the graduating class of 2014. The students and staff all reflected on the transformative journey they had embarked upon together for the past four years.  For the record, this was unlike any other graduation we had seen: every student was recognized personally for their accomplishments by a staff member. 

One of the special moments was when former Epiphany School students came back to receive awards and relay their confidence in the graduating class. Giving their words of wisdom and displaying their gratitude, it was clear how strong and supportive the ever growing Epiphany School community really is. Having those strong role models is the most effective way to engage younger people and lead them towards success. For this reason, we are engaging two of these graduating students to come to the summer program and explain their involvement and appreciation for the health program. 

The H2knO team was happy to see the students graduate; such an important milestone on the way to becoming the impressive men and women they are destined to be. We were thankful for their participation in the “Better Hydration, Better health” pilot and hope they never forget all the knowledge they gained. Best of luck Epiphany School graduates 2014! We’re rooting for you and will follow up!