Walk for Hunger (and water :-)

On May 4th, the H2knO team participated in Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger along with 40,000 others. This walk started in 1969 and is the country’s oldest continual pledge walk. We have long been admirers of this amazing non-profit whose mission is to tackle malnutrition here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It was a remarkable day: the sun glistening, birds chirping, flowers blooming and participants walking, running, and wheeling. Truly we had never seen Commonwealth and Beacon St. in such festive form. With checkpoints roughly every 2-3 miles, and numerous volunteers and artwork, the walk was a fun, interactive community event! There were many signs along the route encouraging walkers to stay hydrated which we were very happy to see.

In addition to having similar goals, Scott Richardson, Strategic Director of Project Bread, is on our board of advisors and has been a great source of guidance for company structure. He was one of the inspirations for our engagement with the Epiphany School and running a foundation as part of our company.