End of Year-- Laser Tag!

On Friday May 30th, Epiphany School students Evander, Jocelenn, Gianny, Jacob, Devonje, and Igor were rewarded with their participation in H2knO’s “Better Hydration, Better Health” pilot program by going to laser tag at Laser Quest in West Roxbury!

Before the excursion, the students displayed their knowledge of why drinking water is the healthy choice through a qualitative survey. They brought their “A” game: hydrating before the match, refining their skills beforehand with a test of their reflexes by the staff and then competing vigorously on the obstacle course field. With two back-to-back games 20 minute games, we played the first round in the traditional teams of “young” vs. “older”—we use that term lightly. After being humbled by the older crew in the first round, the students decided to have captains pick the next teams.  

Everyone agreed it was quite the workout after being sufficiently sweaty! Everyone ended the day very happy about the excursion!

Of note, Jacob translated his expertise in video gaming to the laser tag arena—scoring the most points of anyone. It was fun to talk with him after and learn how he analyzed the map and strategized for his triumphant performance on the field.