"Better Hydration, Better Health" Pilot-- Finishing Strong

After eight school weeks, H2knO’s Better Hydration, Better Health pilot has come to a close--finishing strong! First, we are grateful to have met all of the incredible individuals of the 2014 graduating class. They are now distinguished Epiphany alumni and have helped H2knO to complete a milestone of its own. The students had their bottles, day in and day out, staying hydrated in order to perform and feel their best. They have lost bottles and earned new ones-- understanding the importance of having one.

When the Better Hydration, Better Health program started, the 8th grade students scored an average of 41% on the first baseline water quiz. At the end of the year, they scored a whopping 92%-- demonstrating a significant increase in their understanding and appreciation of water. Additionally, the H2knO team spent a combined 64 hours at the Epiphany School and we can proudly say we were able to avert 647 water bottles from going into landfills over an eight-week period. When the students learned about their achievements, they gave themselves a well-deserved pat on the back.

It’s our belief that when people (especially adolescents) know about the benefits of water, they start to view water in a different light and it becomes their drink of choice. The entire H2knO team is extremely proud of every single one of these students.  The healthy habits formed and information learned serve as the foundation for making the best decisions when it comes to drinking.

Summer Plans:

Looking forward, H2knO is excited to begin the Better Hydration, Better Health program with the rising sixth, seventh and eighth graders during Epiphany’s Summer Intensive program in Groton, Ma. The summer is a time when hydration is the most necessary and many studies have shown that kids at summer camps are chronically dehydrated and thus not able to fully enjoy and take advantage of summer fun (and learning.)

We are distributing water bottles and hydration journals to all of the students and teaching them about why it is important to stay hydrated. We are keeping track of the students’ refills with these Hydration Journals, in which the students get stamps from teachers for up to two refills a day. These stamps allow us to account for program success and reward the students that are developing healthy habits. 

The H2knO School Programs Director, William Melville, is teaching one health class per week (four total) that is focused on hydration.

We will miss the 2014 Epiphany School graduates, but are excited to work with the rest of the vibrant Epiphany School community. Thank you again for your participation class of 2014!