The Start Of The New Year

With the start of the new school year, H2knO’s Better Hydration, Better Health program at the Epiphany School is beginning again as well. The School Programs Director, William Melville and School Programs Associate, Delaney McWalters visited the school on Friday, September 19th. The students were more than happy to see William, who they know very well, and were very welcoming and excited to meet Delaney, a new addition to the team. Many of the students were part of the summer Better Hydration, Better Health program, and were excited to continue the program into the school year.

The biggest objective of the visit was to collect all of the H2knO water bottles from the students before school let out for the weekend. It is important that the students leave their bottles at the school over the weekend to reduce the risk of losing their bottles. As always, H2knO promotes sustainability and these bottles require a lot of resources to manufacture, so every lost bottle is a significant amount of resources wasted. Most of the students were very familiar with the procedure and excited to participate. One student, Kuhrell, was so eager to participate that he collected the water bottles for his entire class! The students take great pride in being responsible for their water bottle, writing their names on them and decorating them with tape. After collection, William and Delaney washed the water bottles and stored them, ready to be redistributed the following week.

Everyone is very excited for the program and all that will be happening this school year!