Looking Forward To The Fall-- A New Academic Year.

In the fall, H2knO will be back at the Epiphany School. We will be welcoming the fifth graders into the Better Hydration, Better Health program, and continuing our work with the rest of the school. The students will be back in the classroom full time and it is vital that they strive to stay properly hydrated throughout the day in order to perform and feel their best.

We will also be focusing on our crowdfunding campaign which will start in October. H2knO will be looking to raise funds for the program to continue and expand into other schools. In addition, we will pilot new technology with the funds we raise to help our program to run more smoothly and efficiently. We plan to pay for a water fountain that fills bottles and keeps track of the amount of plastic water bottles averted from landfills. Also, we plan to install a QR code scanning system that keeps track of how many refills students have and transmit the data in real time so the students can see their score and continue to develop this healthy habit.