Health to Know End of Year Summary

With the end of 2014, the whole team paused for a moment of reflection on where we had started the year with our pilot and finished with a formalized program, getting better by the week.  

We saw H2knO transform into a nonprofit "Health to Know" at the end of the year and begin its development of new hydration stations which will facilitate the champion water culture within schools and create a scaleable model. Health to Know is focusing heavily on expanding our relationships with businesses in order to offer more for the schools and communities we work with. 

Key Impact Indicators (FALL ’14):

  •  Health to Know “Champion Water” Hours: 150 hours supporting H2O.
  • Reusable Bottles Given to Community: 153 given to 143 community members (10 bottles lost)
  • Water Knowledge: Increase in participation (42% correct baseline, to 85%)
  • H2O consumption: Double water consumption—from 24 to 48 oz water per day.
  • Environmental Impact:
    • Plastic Bottles Averted? = 21,000 plastic bottles averted.
    • Water Saved? = 10,500 Liters of water.
    • Carbon reduction= 2.89 Tons CO2 
  • Champion Water Incentives: 2 Trips to Laser Quest. Over $250 in healthy prizes (mechanical pencils, frisbees, book gift cards.)
  • 2 NEW Hydration stations.


 “The H2knO ‘Better Hydration, Better Health’ program has made a large impact in our school’s culture and integration of water into our daily lives.” –Rev. John Finley, Founder and Head of Epiphany School.

 “H2knO has helped me know more about water: the benefits of it, who has it, and how we can help spread the word about how important it is.” –Jacob, Epiphany School student.