Gaining Traction, Relationships and Impact


Changing habits is one of the hardest things to do especially when attracting students to put down the addictive, sugary option and care for their health with simple water. After a year of nonprofit operations and full-time staff onboard, we have garnered experience in the healthy school sector and honed in on the most effective ways to have lasting, quantifiable impacts in our communities.

However, there is a learning curve and process to bringing focus to the organization. The most important piece of creating change is a support network of champions that bring wisdom, skills and opportunities to the table. Meeting with Dr. Cradock at the Harvard School of Public Health provided us with the context and requirements for running an academic-worthy study on the impacts of our model. Exploring the rules and guidelines in the B-Corp certification system brought to light the benefits that can be highlighted through their platform.

The vision of a world where everyone uses a reusable water bottle is a worthy cause and most people completely agree on a fundamental basis that our relationship with water is estranged and is only become stronger out of shortages and necessity. When students and communities champion water, they become part of the most important movement on our planet-- the simplistic life. One, in which our environmental footprint is brought to zero, in which we join our fellow animals in just drinking water, in which we realize the marketing fallacies behind a billion-dollar beverage industry, in which we cast materialism aside for purity. When we see things transparently, for what they are, water will be at the leading edge of this shift in being.