What You Don't Know About Bottled Water can Hurt the Earth - 7/30/2015

Most of us know that disposable plastic water bottles work against the health of our environment - but what you may not realize is just how big the impact is. Big companies are wasting our natural resources on products that paint the land and sea white with litter each day. It's hurting our wildlife and it needs to be stopped. Need proof? Here is some scary data we found from Belmont University below.

  • For every liter of water that is bottled, about two liters are wasted

  • US landfills now contain 2 million tons of disposable water bottles

  • Only 20% of water bottles purchased ends up recycled

  • Water bottles can take over 1000 years to biodegrade

  • Water bottles cannot be incinerated due to toxic fumes

So how can we help? It's easy! Stick to a reusable bottle, and drink from the tap whenever possible. It might only make a little difference, but it's a difference worth making.