Why Staying Hydrated is Important with Age - 8/19/2015

Humans are made up of between 55% and 78% water and as we get older, our bodies retain less and less of that water. Because of this, hydration is just as importaint the older we get, as it is when we're young, if not more. 
This process is even more true of women. The percentage of water that women carry is even less over time than men. 
Staying well hydrated all throughout one's lifetime, from young to old assists in long term health. 



Need specifics? Here's a list if things that result from lifelong, proper hydration:

  • Regulation of body temperature
  • Delivery oxygen throughout the body

  • Lubrication of joints

  • Keeping mucuous membranes moist

  • Aiding in digestion and disposal of waste