Water and Weight Loss - 8/6/2015

We all know that water, more specifically, hydration, is essential for our maximum human health, but did you know that water can actually assist with weight loss? More specifically, losing weight and cutting pounds can't really be done effectively without proper hydration. 


Simply by comparing water to other beverages, such as energy drinks, sodas, and even sports performance drinks, it's easy to see why water is simply the healthier choice. Water has little to no calories, carbs, sodium, and most importantly, no sugar. Stick with water, it's lack of bad qualities in addition to it's ability to replace the water lost from our bodies through sweat, gives good old H2O the edge in terms of a healthy drink to help loose weight. Just be sure to exercise and keep a proper diet, for hydration only works in conjunction to simply having an everyday, healthy lifestyle. For information on the quantity of water you should drink for a healthy lifestyle, refer to this section of Water Facts