Lead in Boston! *FREE Water Testing*

In late April the news broke that lead was found in 4 out of the 38 Boston public schools tested. Ironic, given that Mayor Walsh had just touted Boston's water infrastructure while providing guidance to Flint officials. (http://bit.ly/298DNfW) 

On the heels of this discovery, 12 of the 13 Boston City Councilors called for a moratorium on water fountains until safety is assured (http://bit.ly/2919sfj)

See water testing results here-- http://www.bostonpublicschools.org/Page/6052. 

On June 2nd, *The Guardian reported that MA state testers were instructed to "pre-flush" prior to sample collection which is in "contrast to the EPA guidance" as this practice alters resting water which is the most dangerous. (http://bit.ly/1tsbL5F)

As a result, Boston Public Schools has held community meetings and setup this website to facilitate communication. It's a useful resource to  (http://bostonpublicschools.org/water) 

Health to Know has been dedicated to water testing with all of our partner schools. Because the Boston Public School water testing program doesn't provide funds for charter or independent schools, Health to Know has partnered with a local, established lab Analytical Balance to ensure that third party water testing is provided FREE of charge to ALL Boston schools ($150 value). 

See below and contact us!