Get the Lead Out-- Massachusetts Update

"A new report by MASSPIRG Education Fund and Environment Massachusetts Research and Policy Center shows that lead in drinking water is pervasive across the country, and most importantly a significant problem in Massachusetts where half (49.7%) of the more than 40,000 taps tested at our public schools as of Jan 6, 2017 found some level of lead in the water." 

Following the Spring of 2016 report that showed lead in 4 out of 40 BPS schools tested, the water fountains were shut off for further study. Now, it appears that the follow-up study has confirmed that Massachusetts has a serious problem when it comes to water infrastructure. The commonwealth has some of the oldest water piping in the whole country and it should be no surprise that this issue will become more and more prominent with every stone overturned producing another ripple effect. 

"Massachusetts gets D in report on lead in school drinking water." 

With the new Massachusetts legislator in order, on February 15th Senator Eldridge and Representative Lori Ehrlich held a press conference to introduce new legislation ensuring $2 million in funds for water bottle-filling stations! "An Act Ensuring Safe Drinking Water at Schools and Early Childhood Programs, HD 3453/SD1985 to ensure lead-free water in Massachusetts schools and daycare centers." 

We encourage all of the water champions in our H2knO community to call their legislators and support this bill. We know that there will be much more work to be done and additional funding needed; however, we need to shine a light on this public health disaster immediately to stop the worst consequences -- child development stagnation through lead exposure. 

Water for thought (& action), 



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