Water Education to Values-- A Multifaceted Love Story

The man who pioneered the Google glasses and the self-driving car at secretive Google X has a rule about interviews; he sets an alarm for 15 minutes and focuses all his energy into getting to know his client-- a mentee, an entrepreneur, a Fortune 500 CEO. The personality, interests, background, passions, wants and needs all come into play and are indispensable, especially when changing habits or introducing new products. 

As we create a Champion Water™ movement, the strongest strategy is to be flexible and allow everyone to connect with water in their own personal way. 

At the Epiphany School annual gala, teachers were excited to detail their Spring academic units that were focused on water. With even one teacher exclaiming, "I might be the last one on the water train but I just taught a unit on the Flint water crisis in my social studies class." She went on to explain how water privatization was a main theme in her research prep for the class. 

With water being such an essential compound in all facets of life, there are many things to connect with. Someone growing up in Europe may be shocked at the amount of plastic waste we create with single use plastic bottles. A health aficionado is thirsty for hydration science. A school nurse is concerned with the afternoon headaches due to dehydration. A parent is concerned with their children's diet and the need for healthy options. 

Whether it be a science experiment, discussing present news topics in social studies, or simply staying hydrated throughout the day with clean, free water, the Champion Water™ movement, at its core, is centered on re-creating a relationship with water. 

Whatever it is for you.