Our Story

Born in the awe inspiring mountains of Guatemala, Health to Know (H2knO) was founded by Rene Del Castillo and Alex Place. While working and living with rural families who lacked access to clean water, they realized how much drinking water was taken for granted in their home countries of Mexico and the U.S. H2knO was incorporated in 2013 and began its pilot with the Epiphany School in the Spring of 2014. H2knO is now a 501 C-3 recognized public nonprofit organization.

H2knO’s goal is to promote personal hydration and healthy habits among students in schools. The Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center has clearly stated that excessive consumption of sugary sweetened beverages (SSBs) coupled with the lack of access to water are 2 primary causes of childhood obesity and shockingly high rates of type 2 diabetes. We have a public health crisis on our hands; in fact, this is the first generation of Americans expected to live a shorter lifespan than the previous.

H2knO exists to change these projections and create a healthier future.